North Houston, Texas Real Estate

For those who want to live in an area of beautiful parks and lakes, there is no better place in Texas than North Houston. As one of the Lone Star State's fastest-growing areas, North Houston now finds itself offering virtually every amenity a person could want. Affordable homes with exquisite landscaping and captivating views, along with controlled commercial development consisting of retail centers, office complexes, healthcare facilities, and more, all add up to make North Houston a truly desirable place to call home.

Working & Living in N. Houston

With a coalition of business, political, and civic leaders who are striving to put the interests of residents first in their decision-making, North Houston has gained a statewide reputation as a place where people work together to do what's best for one another. As a result, the community now attracts numerous families, business professionals, and retirees who yearn for a chance to live in a place where cooperation and happiness are the main goals.

Recreation & Activities

When it comes to recreation activities, no place in Texas can beat North Houston. Whether it's having a picnic in Lake Houston Wilderness Park or enjoying a day of fishing or boating at Lake Livingston, residents can virtually take their pick of activities each day. And for those residents who would rather focus on cultural activities, North Houston can accommodate them as well. Plays, concerts, and art exhibits are all part of living in North Houston, with the Woodlands Waterways Arts Festival being one of the area's main attractions. A weekend event that attracts culinary, visual, and performing arts people from all over the United States, it allows residents to enjoy live music, sample plenty of great food, and spend time with family and friends.


Schools in the area are also quite good, giving people yet another reason to live in this area. Public and private schools, along with higher education facilities, all add up to give the area a reputation for having well-educated residents who are friendly and make excellent neighbors. If you find yourself wanting a community that offers opportunity as well as friendship, North Houston is the place for you.

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